artist statement



My abstract drawings and paintings are the visual record of exploration, criticism, trial and error, and discovery. The process is both determined and spontaneous; it includes critical reworking and accident as I look for something I haven’t seen before. There is little pre-planning so the characteristics of the media are in large part responsible for the look of each piece. Composing an arresting image with line, shapes and colors is my primary goal. I like finding unusual combinations and humor. My collages include material gathered from travels and at home so often have a reference to a culture and may have more of the feel of a narrative.


   “In any kind of creative work a point is reached where our power of free choice comes to an end. The work assumes a life of its own, which offers its creator only the alternative of accepting or rejecting it. A mysterious “presence” reveals itself, which gives the work a living personality of its own.”    

            Anton Ehrenzweig